The time we’ve both been anticipating when our eyes meet and we’re no longer strangers, we have engaging conversation which relaxes yet excites, and an undeniable wanting…in further anticipation of things to come.



In order to plan a date & time please feel free to reach out to me by email at

I can ALWAYS be reached via email quickly and will respond promptly.

If we have met before…PLEASE email me and NO calls or text please. I rarely have my phone on, change my number often (sometimes monthly) and more than likely won’t get your message.  I only use phone/text the day of our meeting or if it’s prearranged.  If you haven’t gotten a response, I apologize, send me an email and you will. Thank You!

In your email please include whether you prefer me to host or will I be coming to you;the date, time or time range if your flexible, and the length of our time together.

If we are meeting for the first time please introduce yourself as well and include screening information.

You can also pre-screen this way if your time, dates for our date are not decided yet and if our time may be arranged more impromptu.

Let’s make a connection!